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How to auto check page and make tags invisible in Javascript




Este es mi archivo JSP que contiene dos parámetros útiles de Backend, PlaintIndex y NUMOFPages. Me gustaría hacer una validación simple donde Javascript pueda verificar y hacer invisible al lado o previo. Sin embargo, parece que la función ni siquiera se activa. Me pregunto si hay alguna forma de llamar la función de validación cada vez que se carga la página


Este es mi archivo JavaScript

Original en ingles

This is my jsp file containing two useful parameter from backend, pageIndex and numOfPages. I would like to do a simple validation where javascript can check and make next or previous invisible. However,it seems the function is not even activated. I wonder whether there is any way to call the validation function every time the page is loaded

<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <title>NTU Student Course Planner</title> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1"> <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/style.css"> <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/4/w3.css"> <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Raleway"> <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/font-awesome/4.7.0/css/font-awesome.min.css"> <style>     body,h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 {font-family: "Raleway", sans-serif}     hr {         display: block;         margin-top: 0.5em;         margin-bottom: 0.5em;         margin-left: auto;         margin-right: auto;         border-style: inset;         border-width: 1px;     } </style> <body class="w3-light-grey w3-content" style="max-width:1600px" onload="copy();">  <!-- Sidebar --> <nav class="w3-sidebar w3-collapse w3-white w3-animate-left" style="z-index:3;width:300px;" id="mySidebar"><br>     <div class="w3-container">         <a href="#" onclick="w3_close()" class="w3-hide-large w3-right w3-jumbo w3-padding w3-hover-grey" title="close menu">             <i class="fa fa-remove"></i>         </a>         <img src="assets/calendar.png" style="width:40%;" class="w3-round"><br><br>         <h4><b>Z440's Timetable Generator</b></h4>     </div>     <div class="w3-bar-block">         <a href="index.jsp" onclick="w3_close()" class="w3-bar-item w3-button w3-padding w3-text-teal"><i class="fa fa-th-large fa-fw w3-margin-right"></i>Create Timetable</a>     </div> </nav>  <!-- Overlay effect when opening sidebar on small screens --> <div class="w3-overlay w3-hide-large w3-animate-opacity" onclick="w3_close()" style="cursor:pointer" title="close side menu" id="myOverlay"></div>  <!-- Page Content --> <div class="w3-main" style="margin-left:300px">      <!-- Header -->     <header id="portfolio">         <a href="#"><img src="assets/calendar.png" style="width:65px;" class="w3-circle w3-right w3-margin w3-hide-large w3-hover-opacity"></a>         <span class="w3-button w3-hide-large w3-xxlarge w3-hover-text-grey" onclick="w3_open()"><i class="fa fa-bars"></i></span>         <div class="w3-container">>             </div>             <div class="w3-section w3-bottombar w3-padding-16">                 <h1><b>NTU Student Course Planner</b></h1>         </div>         <div class="w3-container">             <div class="container-1">                 <br>                 <h5><b>Courses Selected:</b></h5>                         <p id = "courselist"></p>                 <h5><b>Module Code Selected:</b></h5>                         <p id = "moduleCodeList">${timetables.get(pageIndex).courseIndexList}</p>                         <hr>                         <br>                         <h6><center>Generated Timetable</center></h6>                         <div class="center">                             <div class="pagination">                                 <a href="#" onclick="decrement()">< Previous</a>                                 <a href="#" style="padding: 10px 16px">Download</a>                                 <a href="#" style="padding: 10px 30px" onclick="increment()">Next ></a>                             </div>                             <form id="searchForm1" name="searchForm1" action="nextTimetable"  method="post">                                 <input type="text" name="pageIndex" id="pageIndex"  value="${pageIndex + 1}">                                 <input type="text" name="num" id="num"  value="${numOfPages}">                                 <input type="submit" id = "Next" value="Next">                             </form>                             <form id="searchForm2" name="searchForm2" action="previousTimetable"  method="post">                                 <input type="submit" id = "Previous" value="Previous">                             </form>                          </div>                         <br>                 <div id="tableDiv">                         <table id="timeTableTable">                             <tr>                         <th>TIME</th>                         <th>MON</th>                         <th>TUE</th>                         <th>WED</th>                         <th>THU</th>                         <th>FRI</th>                     </tr>                     <tr>                         <td>0830-0930</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[1][0]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[2][0]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[3][0]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[4][0]}</td>                     </tr>                     <tr>                         <td>0930-1030</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[0][1]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[1][1]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[2][1]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[3][1]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[4][1]}</td>                     </tr>                     <tr>                         <td>1030-1130</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[0][2]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[1][2]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[2][2]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[3][2]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[4][2]}</td>                     </tr>                     <tr>                         <td>1130-1230</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[0][3]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[1][3]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[2][3]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[3][3]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[4][3]}</td>                     </tr>                     <tr>                         <td>1230-1330</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[0][4]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[1][4]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[2][4]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[3][4]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[4][4]}</td>                     </tr>                     <tr>                         <td>1330-1430</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[0][5]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[1][5]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[2][5]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[3][5]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[4][5]}</td>                     </tr>                     <tr>                         <td>1430-1530</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[0][6]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[1][6]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[2][6]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[3][6]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[4][6]}</td>                     </tr>                     <tr>                         <td>1530-1630</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[0][7]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[1][7]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[2][7]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[3][7]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[4][7]}</td>                     </tr>                     <tr>                         <td>1630-1730</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[0][8]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[1][8]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[2][8]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[3][8]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[4][8]}</td>                     </tr>                     <tr>                         <td>1730-1830</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[0][9]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[1][9]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[2][9]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[3][9]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[4][9]}</td>                     </tr>                     <tr>                         <td>1830-1930</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[0][10]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[1][10]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[2][10]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[3][10]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[4][10]}</td>                     </tr>                     <tr>                         <td>1930-2030</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[0][11]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[1][11]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[2][11]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[3][11]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[4][11]}</td>                     </tr>                     <tr>                         <td>2030-2130</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[0][12]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[1][12]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[2][12]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[3][12]}</td>                         <td>${timetables.get(pageIndex).message[4][12]}</td>                     </tr>                 </table>                 </div>                 <br>                 <br>             </div>         </div>     </header>     <!-- End of Page Content --> </div> <script type="text/javascript" src="js/scripts.js">  </script> </body> </html> 

This is my javascript file

function validateNextPrevious() {     if(document.getElementById("pageIndex").value == 0)     {         document.getElementById("Previous").style.display = "none";     }     if(document.getElementById("pageIndex").value == document.getElementById("num").value)     {         document.getElementById("Next").style.display = "none";     } } window.onload = function () {      validateNextPrevious(); } 

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En primer lugar, debe hacer que la página reciba recursos estáticos como el archivo JS, <script type="text/javascript" src="js/scripts.js" /> no es de la manera correcta, intente:


Firstly, you have to make the page received static resources like js file, <script type="text/javascript" src="js/scripts.js" /> isn't the right way, try:

<script src="${pageContext.request.contextPath}/js/scripts.js"/ > 

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